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 Jutsu + Character Limitations

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Saruno Kazura
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PostSubject: Jutsu + Character Limitations   Jutsu + Character Limitations Icon_minitimeMon Sep 29, 2008 9:15 pm

Here is something to prevent G-modding for Jutsu and Character restrictions:

Academy Students: E rank, D rank(2)
Genin: E rank, D rank(10)
Chuunin: E rank, D rank, C rank(10)
Sp. Jounin: E rank, D rank, C rank(20), B rank(7), A rank(3).
Jounin: E rank, D rank, C rank, B rank(10), A rank(5), S rank(1)
Anbu Black-OP's: E rank, D rank, C rank, B rank(10), A rank(5), S rank(2)
Kage: E rank, D rank, C rank, B rank, A rank(10), S rank(5)

Missing Ninja:
The amount of jutsu's a missing ninja can have is depended on the Previous rank the Ninja had, either way, it has to be the same.

Akatsuki + Akatsuki Leader:
Akatsuki Leader: E rank, D rank, C rank, B rank, A rank(10), S rank(5)

Depends on the rank the Akatsuki was before, there is not exception.
All Akatsuki must have been a B+ rank missing ninja before to actually join them.
Akira Sueto's Topic:

Mokuton Techniques can only be conjured when he/she is the Senju clan, also known as wood element users.

Ice elemental use is only to be used as a Kekkei Genkai, and clans made with the Ice element must have a detailed History/Information about that element.
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Jutsu + Character Limitations
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